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WiseDecor Wall Lettering :: By Language :: Italian

Italian Wall Quotes and Decals


About WiseDecor Italian Quote Decals

Create an interesting décor for your home or business through our Italian wall decals. Italian lifestyle equates to a rich culture of romance, great food and close-knit family and friends. Aside from the richness of culture, Italian quotes, sayings and proverbs are so popular around the world since the language can convey strong and complex emotions like no other making it one of the many romance languages widely spoken in Europe.

Our family and friends Italian wall decals can give warmth to any home. They can be placed on the family room as a focal point or adorn your living space to welcome friends and guests. Italians are known for their exquisite food and wine just hearing or reading an Italian cuisine will immediately tell you its good food. Our kitchen Italian wall quotes are great additions to any type of kitchen. You can place it above or around your kitchen counter, on your hood vent or above your table counter. Complete your collection of Italian wall decals with our love sayings. Have your romantic Italian wall words above your bed or on your headboard such as “Dammi sempre il bacio della buonanotte!” which translates to “Always kiss me goodnight!” You can even have a simpler wall saying such as “Sogni d'oro” which means “Sweet Dreams”. Highlight your Italian wall decals with mounted lamps or sconces to create a dramatic look on your interiors.

Our wall decals from Wisedecor are made from durable resins that can withstand extreme temperatures. They will look lovely now as the first day you’ve placed them. They are designed for easy application and removal making it great for people who always want a zest in their personal space. You can either choose your favorite Italian wall quote or select from our list of Italian wall sayings on our database. Plus you’ll have a chance to preview your chosen design on our wall decal previewer. Don’t forget to check our collection of lettering styles and color schemes.

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