Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wait after painting before I apply my decal to the wall?

You should wait at least 2 (ideally 3) weeks before applying the wall decal to ensure that the paint is fully "cured" (dried). Even if it feels dry to the touch, there's a lot going on that the eyes can't see that makes a big difference!

Can you do something special for me?

Special is our speciality! We're a small company comprised mostly of designers -- you know, the sort of people who actually enjoy a challenging craft project. When you call or email us, you'll be talking with a designer. You can explain what you're trying to do and we'll meet you halfway (or 90% of the way, as the case may be) on creating something you'll love!

Do I get any benefit from sending customers to you?

Absolutely! We have a Customer Rewards Program that gives you points on purchases of friends that you refer to us. And, of course, you get reward points on your own purchases. First time purchases of your referred friends get a 10% discount! See all the details by clicking here.

What are your shipping rates?

We ship via the USPS, which has the best rates and superb reliability in our considerable experience. We've shipped tens of thousands of packages to every state in the U.S. and every continent in the world (except Antartica) and have experienced a nearly perfect success rate.
Within the U.S. (including AK, HI and APO/FPO), shipping starts at $4.95 for one item and increases by just $0.50 for each additional item you place in your shopping cart.
Outside the U.S., shipping starts at $9.85 for one item and increases by $1.50 for each additional item.
Shipping to the UK starts at $14.85 and increases by $1.50 for each additional item.
For more information, see our shipping page.

What type of lettering is this?

These are pre-pasted, pre-spaced, individually cut letters that press on your wall or any flat surface. Our premium materials do not have clear film around the letters, but rather individually cut letters that have been pre-spaced for you. The letters arrive on a sheet of paper which adheres to your wall. After pressing the sheet to your wall, you pull it back and only the lettering remains. The letters are thin... equivalent to about 2-3 coats of paint, so they give you the look of hand-painted stenciling without the time and trouble. And they don't fade or crack.

What does "pre-spaced" mean? And can I place the lettering on multiple lines and places?

Pre-spaced means that we do all the positioning and spacing of the letters and words for you. So if you choose a wall phrase like "Live well, Laugh often, Love much" the lettering arrives exactly as you see it on your computer screen. The lettering arrives as a single roll of text which you can apply all at once, or you can cut the sheet of lettering in any increment you choose to make your quote 2 or more lines. You can even cut each word and place them in a creative layout. The possibilities are limitless.

Can I make up my own quote and have it all pre-spaced also?

Yes, you can. You can enter your own quote by clicking here and entering the text you wish to see. Then "Click to Preview" to see your words in different styles and colors, and go on to order if you wish to do so.

Are there surfaces this type of lettering won't work for?

This type of lettering sticks to almost any smooth or lightly textured surface like painted walls, glass, mirrors, and smooth metal and wood. It will not stick to rough or uneven surfaces like cinder block (painted cinder block is fine, as you find in many schools), brick (painted brick is fine), porous aluminum, or stucco surfaces.

Do you have non-shiny, matte colors?

Yes, we have 40 matte colors. We also carry a few satin and glossy colors. See our color chart for details.

I love the idea, but putting something like this on my wall seems like a big decision. What if it turns out I don't like how the lettering looks or made a mistake transferring it to my wall?

With WiseDecor wall lettering, you get an unconditional 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Or if you prefer, we'll re-work the quote and send it to you free. It is easy to apply and is removable (see the next question below). You also get free practice lettering with your lettering kit if you want to practice applying the lettering beforehand. With that said, it's important to us that you feel confident about your choice both before AND after you order from us. So before you buy, you can:

  • Preview your lettering (A "Click to Preview" button accompanies each quote choice)
  • Get color swatches if you have questions about a color.
  • And of course, you can always email us with any questions you may have at

Is the lettering removable?

Yes and it's easy to do. WiseDecor wall letters work well for both renters and homeowners because they come off when you are ready for them to. To remove, get a grip on the corner of each letter using your fingernail or tweezers and gently pull off the lettering. If you've had the lettering on the wall for a long period of time, you can soften them up by using a hair dryer.

CAVEAT: As dark-painted (such as forest green, dark brown) walls age, they tend to lighten a bit because of sun exposure. If you remove the lettering years from now on such walls, you may see a "ghosting effect" in the shape of the letters.

What are my payment options?

You can purchase by credit card, Paypal, or Gift Certificate.

How long does it take for an order to process?

Your order is shipped no later than 3 business days from the date of your order if you pay by credit card. (For example, if you order a quote on Monday, it will be shipped out no later than Thursday. Or if you ordered on a Friday, it will be shipped out no later than that next Wednesday. If ordered on a Saturday or Sunday, it will be shipped out no later than that next Thursday).

What are my shipping options?

For U.S. delivery, we use USPS with Delivery Confirmation Tracking which costs $4.95 for the first item and $.50 for each additional item shipped. Delivery time is approximately 3 business days. You can view complete delivery information by clicking here.

I'm ready to order, but I want to make sure I get the right color. Can I get a free swatch in my chosen color?

Yes you can. Email us with your name, address, color(s) you want to see to or use the color swatch request form.

What is your return policy?

It's as simple as we stated above. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your lettering, return it within 30 days from purchase, you can choose to have us: re-work your lettering at no extra charge or give you a full refund.

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