Front Door Wall Lettering

Hello Wisedecor,
Attached are photos of the lettering I recently ordered. 
This was my second time ordering from your company and I couldn't be happier. 
I love the way the lettering looks and have received many compliments already. 
It is the perfect accent to our entry way!

Many thanks,
Maria Batson
Moore, SC

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About the Front Door Decoration Photo

This is a very heart warming quote: Home, where your feet may leave, but not your heart'. This one reminds us of the importance we place on home. We may be far away physically but home is always in our hearts.

A second time customer ordered this wall lettering. She received many compliments regarding this second creative work. She says "it was the perfect accent to our entry way" We agree. The black wall words look great in this high ceiling entryway. They are between the brown door and the window. The white molding on the door complements the wall lettering and the underlying wall.

There are other wall quotes in the Front door Category. Some of them are 'Peace Love and Joy to all who enter here' and 'a warm country welcome'. These heartfelt words will make anyone feel at home. Check out for more similar wall lettering in these categories: foyer-entry way and family room. In the Foyer entryway, they are words that welcome friends and family, and in the family room, these same words and others will remind the family that gathers here that no matter where they are in the world home is best.

Just by looking at the photo, one may imagine that a lot of work went to applying those wall letters so high above. Well, that is not true. This was not a paint related job and the only non-décor tool necessary was the ladder to get to that great height. The wall quotes came pre-assembled. Peel the back sheet and apply the wall words onto the wall. It was that easy!

To make sure that the wall letters are the right size, color and style we encourage customers to use the previewer. Once they are satisfied with their selections, they submit their order and our design team gets to work. The designers also make sure that the design is suitable for strong light and use the right materials. Once they are through, they pre-assemble the wall words onto a sheet, which has an adhesive side. Our customers stick the adhesive side onto the wall, peel the sheet and the wall lettering is left stuck on to the wall. This is a simple and effective way of application. It only takes them ten minutes. This means our customers get to spend more time enjoying their new wall décor!

If you are looking for a great but inexpensive way to do your walls, wall decals are the way to go. At WiseDecor, we produce quality wall letters that are unique, of a high quality and very affordable. Have a look at our photo album page and see what our customers have to say about them. They have also uploaded fantastic photos that show what a thousand words are not able to tell! We have an experienced team that work with amazing tools that will make your wall décor dreams come true. They will help turn those drab walls into stunning works of art. Do call or email! We would love to hear from you.

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