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We do not remember days, we remember moments. Price: $27.87

Leaf Pair A - Lettering Art - 12-s
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Leaf Pair A - Lettering Art - 12-s

Use in singles or multiples in your lettering.
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Fleur de lis - Lettering Art - 8-H
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Leaf Pair B - Lettering Art - 12-t

Use in singles or multiples in your lettering.
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Family moments - Family memories - Family ties forever Price: $27.87

La famille et les amis sont les fleurs du jardin de la vie.
French to English Translation: Family and friends are flowers in life's garden
Price: $37.87

Che la nostra casa sia piena di calore e di amici
Italian to English Translation: May our home be warm and our friends be many.
Price: $37.87

Donde hay amor en el corazón, hay alegría en el hogar.
Spanish to English Translation: Where there is love in the heart there is Joy in the home.
Price: $37.87

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About this Photo

Style: Times (General)
Size: 2 inches
Color: Chocolate Brown
Art: Leaf Pair A and B (2-inch, Chocolate Brown)

Most of us like to keep a little display of photographs somewhere in the house - in the bedroom, on top of the piano, or on a little display cabinet in the living room. When we select the photographs for this display, we usually choose the ones that are most memorable to us - those taken with loved ones, or pictures of spontaneous events caught on camera. Many times, we also add little mementoes that are related to the event or the person. These photo displays remind us of the pleasant times we spent, and whether the people we love are still living or not, they're always there, through these photographs.

One way of adding a touch of color and art to your photo display is to place decorative lettering as an accent. Choose a quote - either one associated with the photographs, or one that your loved one used to say. We chose “We do not remember days, we remember moments” for this display in the family room, where we positioned our decorative lettering above the built-in display case. We used the Times Decorative Lettering Style in Chocolate Brown, 2 inches high, and placed Leaf Pair A and Leaf Pair B Lettering Art of the same size and color on each end. Notice that the decorative lettering - because of the size, style, and color - acts as an accent but does not detract from the real display - the photographs. This is a very effective and cost-effective way of adding touches of color to any room in your house. You can place the decorative lettering as a one-line quote, or divide it into two or more lines.

Our decorative lettering has the look and effect that hand-painted stenciling gives, at much less the time, cost, and effort. This is a project you can do yourself within a few minutes, and one that is also quite easy to remove when you decide that you'd like to repaint your wall or change the quote with a new one. You can also add little accents through our Decorative Lettering Art, which can be related to the quote or chosen just for the visual effect. Our decorative lettering and art are priced by the letter, so you can either go to town with a bigger size or select a small one - it's your choice.

Feel free to explore our website for ideas that you can use for your own decorative lettering project. Each week, we put up new ideas so that every time you visit our site you'll see something new.

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