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Always Kiss Me Goodnight
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Dammi sempre il bacio della buonanotte
Italian to English Translation: Always kiss me goodnight
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Aimez, riez, revez... et allez dormir
French to English Translation: Love, laugh, dream... and go to sleep
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Dame siempre un beso de buenas noches.
Spanish to English Translation: Always Kiss Me Goodnight
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Comme on fait son lit, on se couche.
French to English Translation: As you make your bed, so you must lie on it.
Price: $27.87

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Style: Imperial (General)
Color: Medieval Wine
Size: 6 inches
Art: Fancy Ends Pair 1 (6-inch, Medieval Wine)

Kissing goodnight is a great habit that allows you to patch up differences before you sleep and keep the romance alive. According to a professor from the University of Louisville, it’s also a great way to burn calories. A deep, passionate kiss can burn up to two calories per minute, and if you kiss for 15 minutes you’ll burn 30 calories. Kissing also tones facial muscles and boosts your immune system.

Our master bedroom features the decorative lettering with the quote “Always Kiss Me Goodnight,” done using the Imperial Lettering Style in Medieval Wine, 6 inches. We placed the Fancy Ends Pair 1 (A) and Fancy Ends Pair 1 (B), at 6 inches height, on both sides of the 2-line quote for an added embellishment. At 2 lines, the total quote dimensions are 15 inches tall and 53 inches wide.

Browse our site for more decorative lettering ideas on quotes for the bedroom, romance, and French love quotes to personalize your bedroom and private space. The great thing about decorative lettering is that although it looks like it was hand-stenciled and took a long time to create, our decorative lettering takes only a few minutes to place on your wall and you don’t have to worry about messy glue or bleeding paint afterwards. The pre-cut, pre-spaced vinyl lettering stays put until you decide to peel it off, and there won’t be any glue residue on your wall after you remove it.

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