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WiseDecor Wall Lettering :: By Organization :: School :: Classroom Rules Modern Wall Decal

Classroom Rules Modern Wall Decal #2011084264

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So much learning goes on in the classroom.... from life skills to academic knowledge. They change students and put them on the track to succeed!

At WiseDecor, we have wall words that teachers can use to create an environment that is just right for learning. The photo shows how. Blue and Green lettering was transferred onto a prominent wall. Everyone can see it from the doorway. The beige wall is the perfect background for the wall letters. The sentences are short and pack a punch! The wall letters are in different sizes and writing styles but they are all visible. This visual display of what's expected from the students will help them focus even after getting back from a long break.

With WiseDecor, you have two ways to apply your designs, and they are both easy. For you DIY types who love the flexibility and possibilities of using your own colors and finishes, we now offer reusable stencils. Reusable stencils let you apply and reapply your designs on any type of wall or paintable surface, including pillows, furniture, mirrors, or glass. When you move, you can take your favorite designs with you and reuse them again and again. And they are shareable with your friends and family! To order your stencil, simply choose Reusable Stencil from the color options.

And as always, we offer our wall decal option in over 40 colors if you love the instant handpainted look and want the option of removing your design without repainting! Our decals work great over any smooth, non-porous wall, mirror, glass, or furnishing surface.

This photo shows a clean and tidy classroom: the pencils and pens neatly arrange in their holders, storage cabinets and shelves for various teaching materials, the mood-enhancing ornaments draped across the ceiling,.... The classroom rules will also help the students organize their academic lives and teachers will have an easier time teaching them. If you are looking for wall quotes that will inspire your students and make use of empty space, try WiseDecor products. They are easy to apply, affordable, durable and easy to maintain. Let us help you create a great learning environment for your students!

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classroom decals

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