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Vinyl Lettering Decor for Churches

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By God's Grace... we are Worthy of His Love...
. . . inspiring people to find and follow Christ
... We accept the Scriptures as an all-sufficient and infallible rule of faith and practice, and insist upon the absolute inerrancy and sole authority of the Word of God.
...translating Belief into Action.
Be Disciples of Jesus Christ by Loving God, Loving Others, and Serving the World
Be fishers of men...
Children's Ministry
Do This In Rememberance Of Me
Draw persons to God by your words, by your example, and by the works of Mercy. - Catherine McAuley
Enter to Worship
Enter to Worship Depart to Serve
Equip, Exalt & Edify, Evangelize!
everyone's a missionary
Exalting the Lord Equipping His People Engaging the World
Have a great day in the Lord!
I was glad when they said unto me, "Let us go into the House of the Lord". - Psalm 122:1
Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ!
Learning and Living Our Faith
Leaving a Legacy of Faith and Excellence
Live Simply ~ Love Generously ~ Serve Faithfully ~ Speak Truthfully ~ Pray Daily Leave Everything Else to the Saving Grace of Christ Jesus
Living Fully in Christ Through His Word, Community and Mission
Living our vows..through our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness as children of God, for the children of God.
Look who Jesus loves...
Lord You are our Friend and King
Love Jesus ~ Pray Daily ~ Live Faith ~ Share Hope
Make an Eternal Difference
May the good Lord be with you...
May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all
May your kingdom be what wakes us up and lays us down
MISSION....We are committed to furthering the healing ministry of Jesus
My God is Je-ho'vah
The ministry is God's responsibility, the relationships are your responsibility.
The Road Less Traveled... Leads us Closer To God!
The Task Ahead Of You Is Never As Great As The Power Behind You. by org/church
To know and love Our God is to serve... with gifts bestowed upon us.
To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all
We equip churches to help children, youth and adults grow in their relationship with Jesus. by org/church
We exist to love God, love one another and share the love and good news of Jesus. by org/church
Yahweh Rophe - The Lord Who Heals, Yahweh Shalom - The Lord Is Peace, Yahweh Shammah - The Lord Is There


About WiseDecor Church Quote Decals

‘Exalting the Lord Equipping His People Engaging the World’ is a quote fit for any
church building. It shows what the church is all about: a fitting way to display its
purpose. It shows that the congregants do not warm the pews. They learn the word so that
they may share with others who are not in the church.

This quote is part of our vinyl lettering décor for churches. We currently have seventeen
quotes in our collection. You may select from these or send us your favorite and preferred
saying. Our designers than work on your order and ship it to you when ready, usually
after three business days. Application is an easy process. It takes only a few minutes. The
vinyl letters will look great in a number if wall spaces in and out of the church building.
Some ideal spots are the entrance, on the walls and in front around the altar.

Churches are well-lit places. They tend to have huge windows. We have signs in different
sizes that are suitable for well-lit rooms. We recommend vinyl letters that are matte (non-
shiny) as they are visible and have no glare: reading them will not strain the eyes. We
have many colors and styles that you may select.

If you are looking for wall décor that is suitable for church, then try WiseDecor signage.
They are motivational and are the perfect wall accents. They are affordable and come in
all sizes and styles. You may choose from our wide selection or opt for custom quotes.
It all costs the same! Our experienced team of designers will work with you to ensure
that your order meets your expectations and is of a high quality. Call or email: we look
forward to hearing from you!

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